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She is looking for someone
Who is with someone
To cheat on that someone
So she could feel like someone

I wish I had someone
So I could be her someone
To make her feel like someone*

* stanza added for effect  🙂

Attractiveness Over Time


You cannot have me now
When all the others you’ve had
Have become unattractive

You do not get to decide
Whether or not I am attractive
Any time you desire

You once had your chance
I’ve lived well with your decision
I don’t see why you can’t

Controlled Success

Setting people up for success
By limiting what they want to do
And what they can do
In order to succeed
Is limiting their success
To what you want and judge
To be sufficient success for them
Which is failure to them
And their full potential

Insecurity Shield

One way to keep your self-perceived
And self-generated sense of superiority
As well as control your insecurity
Is to never let those around you
And especially nobody below you
Ever get a chance to prove otherwise
While continuing to judge them inferior

Describe These Artists

How would you describe
A straight male artist
Who found ways to put
Naked women everywhere in his art
And justified them if challenged?

How close is your list
To a list you would have
To describe Gustav Klimt
As he did just that?

How is your list different
From one for a gay artist
Who found ways to put
Naked men everywhere in his art
And justified them if challenged?
And what does that say about you?

Fries and Van Gogh

Large fries?
Or an e-book
Of all Van Gogh paintings?
AND all his letters?
And a biography?

What kind of question is that???

Of course
I can skip fries for a day

I can enjoy fries everyday
After today
As I read this e-book day by day


What I liked most about Eve
Was neither her beauty
Nor her body
Not even her audacity
Or na-eve-vité
But rather
Her overwhelming curiosity

The Immortality Purchase

Time and opportunity
To take a shot at immortality
Successfully purchased

How to spend it
To get what I want?


The 10,000 feet view
Or 30,000 feet view
Even 50,000 feet view
Are nice views
But ultimately useless

Too high to see details
Too low for the full picture
Get on the ground
And get into orbit
If you really want to know
What’s really happening
And what to really do


Thank you
I’d rather be alone

Thank you
I would rather be alone

Thank you
I will be happier alone

Michelangelo in Heaven

Somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is body building
To see how many muscles
He could make visible
To correct his art style label
From Mannerism
To Realism

And somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is also drawing
And painting and sculpting
All his body building friends
Who look like men and women he drew
The likes of whom he never knew

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