Needing Little

This life has taught me
To not need much
Or rely on many
To be happy 

That’s why l will be
Retiring at fifty
As a wealthy
And social

Instagram Scratch & Win

Instagram posts

Carry the thrill of a cheap
Scratch and win ticket

With the prize in Likes

And the occasional Follow

Revealed in but minutes

A-Type Procrastinator

I am an A-type personality
Which includes procrastination

Though I am
At least
A productive procrastinator

I get all kinds of stuff done
Just not the stuff I need to get done

Conversations with Pornstars

In a secret life
I get to converse with pornstars
Though just on social media
Because I have genuine
And meaningful t
hings to say
Unlike most wanting their attention

Inadequate Criticisms

Some people don’t think
I take criticisms well
But the opposite is true
I take criticisms very well
I just critique them first for value
And most don’t do well
So why should I take them?
Please do tell!


Those criticism
That I judge well for value
I take them very well!

Conspiracy Theorist Mentality

Taking up a conspiracy theory
Is the easiest
And laziest
Way to become an expert
Because there’s not much to it
And next to no one is studying it

In an increasingly complex world
Some people are just too lazy
And/or too stupid
To work
And/or learn
To earn some respect

Stay Away from Fires

You are gas
Not water
For fires you try to douse
So restrain yourself
When you feel like helping out

Moral Mirror

Most people have a mirror
Many have a few more
But most don’t have a mirror
To show us by our mores
So we can look in the mirror
And see what kind of person we are
A sort of moral mirror
Now needed ever more

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