Watery Flame

Reflection off the ocean

A gigantic wavy flame
Of a thousand flickering flames

From the flame of flames
Flickering in the sky
From the human eye
Flickering to try
To get a glimpse of it

Pandemic Content

People are starting to
Get back out to dine
While I’m still content
With my pizza and McDonald’s

People are starting to
Get back out to shop
While I’m still content
With my decades old stuff

People are starting to
Get back out to party
While I’m still content
With my recent life

People are starting to
Get back out to find joy
While I’m still content
With my pandemic content

Jesus in a Rush

Run lightly
They told me
Pick your imagery
And copy it

So I pictured Jesus
Walking on water
Barely leaving ripples
If at all
And tried to run like it

But then it dawned on me
Jesus was never in a hurry
Running lightly like
Jesus walking lightly on water
Was like trying to be Jesus
When He was in a rush

Wind Preferred

Some say I run like a deer
Others say I run like the wind
Many liken I run like a machine
Among other things

I will take the wind
For the win

Died Flowers

They were cut from their roots
Then put in dyed water
To change from their natural colour
To someone’s preferred colour
Through feeding of a poison
That slowly killed them

Flowers that dyed
Flowers that died
Indigenous children

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Calling DS

Gonna start calling DS on things
Like how I call BS on things
Not for variation like dog shit
Or some other D animal shit
But for double standard
Against anyone

Daily Purpose

The things I want to get done
When I get up these days
They may be menial
Maybe even  trivial
To some but not to me

I’m excited about them
Motivated by them
Which is more than I can say
About how many people feel
When they get up each day

Bots for Trolls

Could someone please build
Social media bots to troll the trolls
Matching experiences they give others?

So the trolls can know the experience
Without being able to outdo it
And can choose for themselves
Either to cease and desist
From harming others
Or to cease to exist
Unable to handle their own crap

Feeling Alive!

Gasping for air
Trying to stay afloat
In a sea of change
I had flooded around myself

Treading water
While adding water
Offered by life

Breathing faster
I feel alive!

Unlike when in a peaceful

World Problems Wisdom

When I was younger
I wanted to make a difference
By trying to solve the world’s problems

Then I saw the world

And how it stupidly created
Most of its own problems

And I thought

Solve your own fucking problems!


I’ll work on making a difference
By inspiring others
To create everything but problems

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