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My Broken Language

My Broken Language

A memoir about others
In the words of its author
Quiara Alegría Hudes

A memoir about others

A memoir about others


Effortless Micropoetry

A lot of micropoetry I read
Seem so effortless
Not in terms of ease
But lack of work put into it

Text not Context

When I read things I like
But don’t know much of the author
I tend to leave them at their chosen name
Because I know people I wouldn’t like
Or would disagree with on some things
Can have good things to say
Maybe even great things to say
And I don’t want to ruin my experience
By getting more context
About them beyond their text
I had enjoyed and valued

Erotic to Perverse

Many women love
My erotic art, garments, and verse
Until they find out
Those works were mine

Because in their eyes and mind
My general unattractiveness
Converts those works’ sexiness
Into some perversion

My Instagram Doom

The worst thing
That can happen to my Instagram –
Would be if someone paid money
To get me lots of fake followers –
Removing any way for me to know
The true value of my work

Literary Desperation Today

A book title that’s the same
But that’s not it
An author name almost the same
But it’s not them

This is where desperation
For literary fame
Is at today
Hoping for a few Likes or Follows
Or a few dollars and cents
From fools who didn’t know better
Or at least in a moment

The Victim’s Poet

If you gave voice to a victim
As if you were them in a story
That is acceptable 

But if you gave voice to a victim
As if you were them in a poem
Is that acceptable?

The Collective Poet

How long has it been acceptable
To write poetry as another
Seeing through their eyes
Feeling through their emotions
Living through their experiences
As if they were all one’s own
Without making it known?

Or even making it known


Big Award Winning Poetry Question

Why can’t big award winning poetry
Be more like award winning prose
Comprehensible to many
Rather than just those who judge
And a few others

There are riddle contests you know!

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