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Hellish Pride

I will commit
The deadly sin of Pride
Until I am put in Hell!

And even then
I’d be trying to get out
Like Dante in his Inferno

Because I am what I am
Where I am today
From having committed
A lot of Pride

Bird Watching

When I’m watching birds
Seeing what they do
I often wonder
If they watched people
To see what we do
Cause people watching
Is interesting, too!


The 10,000 feet view
Or 30,000 feet view
Even 50,000 feet view
Are nice views
But ultimately useless

Too high to see details
Too low for the full picture
Get on the ground
And get into orbit
If you really want to know
What’s really happening
And what to really do

Michelangelo in Heaven

Somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is body building
To see how many muscles
He could make visible
To correct his art style label
From Mannerism
To Realism

And somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is also drawing
And painting and sculpting
All his body building friends
Who look like men and women he drew
The likes of whom he never knew

Seller of Red Flags

If I had to guess
The professions of
Women for whom I’ve been
An interest in love

Seller of red flags
Would be my best
And most common

Detachable Reproductive Organs

What if

Your reproductive organs
Were detachable?

But not exchangeable?

When would
They be with you?
When would they not?
And why?


When you think you got COVID
But you didn’t


In my vocabulary
You had a case of NOVID

Which just might be
More common than COVID

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