Supernovae Misalignment

‘Twas the night
My stars did not align

But rather
My supernovae aligned


The way Fate
Had me maligned

Me thinks
‘Twas my supernovae
That were misaligned
Because that moon
Is not full until tomorrow

The Learning Awards

One of my many
Life philosophies
Is to learn something
From everyone I know
Or even know of

It’s something I never knew

Other times
It’s something I already knew

But could use a reiteration
Whether affirmation
Or confirmation
Of things I knew true
Or that I should do
Or perhaps should not do

What I learn
Is easy to Identify
And to articulate

Other times
I’d have to think hard
Recall and analyze
What I recall of them
To identify
What I can learn

But I do

(And after several years
Of working with all of you
Here are the top things
I have learned from you)*

* Added for intro to list of
what I learned from colleagues
I am leaving for a new job.
Those things are: Conan O’Brien
podcast, eating plain yogurt habit,
how to peel a banana properly,
and Wealthsimple + InstantPot

Watery Flame

Reflection off the ocean

A gigantic wavy flame
Of a thousand flickering flames

From the flame of flames
Flickering in the sky
From the human eye
Flickering to try
To get a glimpse of it

Human Obstacles

A dozen hands
Tugging on my clothing
Restraining me
As I try to break free
To run to my Destiny

Must I wait till I break free
Or strip
And run nude publicly
To get to my Destiny
By a riskier journey?

Pandemic Content

People are starting to
Get back out to dine
While I’m still content
With my pizza and McDonald’s

People are starting to
Get back out to shop
While I’m still content
With my decades old stuff

People are starting to
Get back out to party
While I’m still content
With my recent life

People are starting to
Get back out to find joy
While I’m still content
With my pandemic content

These Hands of Late

There hasn’t been a lot of magic
In these hands of late

They haven’t folded much
Or handwritten much
They haven’t painted much
Or drawn much
Or strummed much
Or played much
Or sewn much
Or spun much
Or cooked much
Or snapped much

As such

They don’t feel like much


Sometimes more afraid
Of my own judgement
Than others’ judgement
Of my work and myself

But learning to overcome
Or at least cope with
My own judgement
By neglecting it

Life Strategy Flip

Every time I am in a place of worship
I pray
I won’t go crazy one day
And flip my life strategy goal
From “for good”
To “for evil”

That would be nasty
Given what I know
About human nature
And life in general

Needing Little

This life has taught me
To not need much
Or rely on many
To be happy 

That’s why l will be
Retiring at fifty
As a wealthy
And social

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