Stay Away from Fires

You are gas
Not water
For fires you try to douse
So restrain yourself
When you feel like helping out

The Grand Master

The only times I ever play chess
I play against a grandmaster
Because I play chess
Just like a grandmaster
Did years or decades ago
Moving the pieces
As per recorded games
So my grandmaster friend
Can study each game
As if she were in the game

Text not Context

When I read things I like
But don’t know much of the author
I tend to leave them at their chosen name
Because I know people I wouldn’t like
Or would disagree with on some things
Can have good things to say
Maybe even great things to say
And I don’t want to ruin my experience
By getting more context
About them beyond their text
I had enjoyed and valued

Do You Know What Love Is?

You keep insisting
It is better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all

But for all your relationship failures
Do you ever wonder
If you’ve ever loved at all?

Do you really know what love is?
Would you recognize it
If you found it

Or it found you?

Questions for a Poet Laureate

O what pressure must one feel
To be a poet laureate
To have every word from you
Expected to be so meaningful

Is it a burden to live with?
Or is it a challenge?
Is it relief to fulfill each time?
Or is it a thrill?

Does it limit what you say?
Or what you write?

And what happens when you fail?

Or consecutively
Perhaps randomly
Or frequently

Do people end up remembering
Your meaningless words more
Or your meaningful less?

It’s all too much
For me to imagine living with
Though thankfully
I’ll never have to worry about it

But I can’t help wondering about it

Default Condemnation

I don’t have the time
Nor do I have the energy
Nor interest frankly
To fight every societal problem

But I don’t appreciate
Being condemned by default
To be a part of these problems
Just for my indifference
Without contributing to them

If you condemned as such
How many problems are you a part of?
How many more problems
Are you a part of than I am
In being so passionate
About just one or two problems?

Consider that

Contemplate that in silence
Before you condemn me
So loudly with your hypocrisy

Pick your causes to champion
I support that
I even admire that

Just focus on the cause
And those who oppose you
Don’t alienate the rest
With your default condemnation
Lest you want more opponents
Not necessarily for your cause
But potentially for yourself

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