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Eternal Dance

The interaction
Between good and evil
Is an eternal dance
For equilibrium
To keep the other from falling
While keeping a reason to exist

Scandals Decision

Need to be involved in scandals
As a pre-requisite
For becoming great artist

Which kinds should I choose?

Plural, please
As more than one
Is required to stand out these days

Fire or Ice

Humans have long wondered
Whether the world will end
In fire or in ice

To that end
I’m pretty sure
It will be fire

Just as sure
As I think how

Humanity will end

Are We Superior?

Are we superior

To all that are living
Or that have lived on Earth

If we were to destroy ourselves
Rather than be destroyed?


Are we superior

If we lived only
A tiny fraction of the time

That dinosaurs and
Many plants and animals did?


Are we superior

If we left no
Evolutionary descendants

Unlike most species
That lived before us?


Are we superior

If no species outliving us
Cared much for us

Or anything even remotely
Associated with us?


Are we superior

If we left only
More interesting fossils

Considering all these
Apocalyptic outcomes?


Are we superior?


Are we?

Life Strategy Flip

Every time I am in a place of worship
I pray
I won’t go crazy one day
And flip my life strategy goal
From “for good”
To “for evil”

That would be nasty
Given what I know
About human nature
And life in general

Conspiracy Theorist Mentality

Taking up a conspiracy theory
Is the easiest
And laziest
Way to become an expert
Because there’s not much to it
And next to no one is studying it

In an increasingly complex world
Some people are just too lazy
And/or too stupid
To work
And/or learn
To earn some respect

Moral Mirror

Most people have a mirror
Many have a few more
But most don’t have a mirror
That shows us by our mores
So we can look in the mirror
And see what kind of person we are
A sort of moral mirror
Now needed more than ever

Numb to the World

These days
I have to ignore much of the world

I don’t have the feelings
Neither capacity
Nor intensity
To deal with all
Of its negativity

Or stupidity

Erotic to Perverse

Many women love
My erotic art, garments, and verse
Until they find out
Those works were mine

Because in their eyes and mind
My general unattractiveness
Converts those works’ sexiness
Into some perversion

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