For Which Reason to Move

Women in this province
Tend to find me unattractive
With the ones that don’t
Tending to be unattractive

So what’s am I to do
Except pack up and move
For love
As well as lack thereof

On Loving

A part of loving
Is voluntarily doing
Things you don’t want to
Because you know
The ones you love
Enjoy it

Not a part of loving
Is having to do
Things you don’t want to
Because you know you have to
In order to get something
Or get something back

Wanting to Be #1

As much as I love kids
I’m not seeking anyone with kids
For a life partner at this stage

I haven’t been loved enough in life
To be at least second priority
For a partner in a relationship

As I should be if they had kids

I can be happier by myself
With me as my #1 priority


Nothing is better than something
That’s less than desired
And expected

What people sometimes call “settling”

Do You Know What Love Is?

You keep insisting
It is better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all

But for all your relationship failures
Do you ever wonder
If you’ve ever loved at all?

Do you really know what love is?
Would you recognize it
If you found it

Or it found you?

Paper Anniversary

And kirigami
Are great skills to have
For the first anniversary

As well as the ability
To compose love poetry
Delivered on paper

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