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Michelangelo’s Audacity

Is the audacity
Of Michelangelo
Matched by anybody
In history we know?

Repeatedly drawing
And also sculpting

A naked Christ
Determining size and shape
Of Jesus’ genitalia
For all to see
For eternity

Gods & Devils of Plants & Animals

Do plants and animals
Worship the sun and moon
As gods like humans do
Given what the sun and moon
Do for them?

Do plants and animals
Vilify humans
As devils and demons
As we do some of them
From what we do to them?

My Element

Titanium is my element

It contains my childhood name
Ti Tan
And almost follows that with i am

It is light and strong
Like I am
And doesn’t melt easily
Like I don’t

What’s your element?

The Victim’s Poet

If you gave voice to a victim
As if you were them in a story
That is acceptable 

But if you gave voice to a victim
As if you were them in a poem
Is that acceptable?

The Collective Poet

How long has it been acceptable
To write poetry as another
Seeing through their eyes
Feeling through their emotions
Living through their experiences
As if they were all one’s own
Without making it known?

Or even making it known


Forced to Act

Do the ruling groups
Always have to wait

Until they can foresee
The inevitability
Of them being in the minority

To enact or enforce
Stronger anti-discrimination measures?

By which time it may be too late

Paradoxical Farewell

How do you wish someone well
Who is leaving with intent
Never to return?

Unless they failed 


In their next steps

Juneteenth in Colonial Font

Is it wrong
To write Juneteenth
In a colonial font?



A Things

Writing passive modern poetry
Feels a little out of place
Like being an Instagram poet
On WordPress

Is either such a thing?
Or is it just me?

Do You Know What Love Is?

You keep insisting
It is better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all

But for all your relationship failures
Do you ever wonder
If you’ve ever loved at all?

Do you really know what love is?
Would you recognize it
If you found it

Or it found you?

Stoicism & Poetry

Can Stoics be good modern poets
Given Stoics aren’t ever
Too emotional about anything
Or even just the negative?

Can modern poets be good Stoics
Given poets are usually
Dramatic about everything
Or even just the negative?

I need to know
To set realistic goals

Uninspired Modern Poetry

Feeling uninspired today

Nothing to write about

But is not that lack of content
Acceptable to write about
When it comes to modern poetry?

Or is that lack of content
Not acceptable to write about
When it comes to modern poetry?

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