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Describe These Artists

How would you describe
A straight male artist
Who found ways to put
Naked women everywhere in his art
And justified them if challenged?

How close is your list
To a list you would have
To describe Gustav Klimt
As he did just that?

How is your list different
From one for a gay artist
Who found ways to put
Naked men everywhere in his art
And justified them if challenged?
And what does that say about you?

Michelangelo in Heaven

Somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is body building
To see how many muscles
He could make visible
To correct his art style label
From Mannerism
To Realism

And somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is also drawing
And painting and sculpting
All his body building friends
Who look like men and women he drew
The likes of whom he never knew

Seller of Red Flags

If I had to guess
The professions of
Women for whom I’ve been
An interest in love

Seller of red flags
Would be my best
And most common

For Which Reason to Move

Women in this province
Tend to find me unattractive
With the ones that don’t
Tending to be unattractive

So what am I to do
Except pack up and move
A move for love
As well as lack thereof

Erotic to Perverse

Many women love
My erotic art, garments, and verse
Until they find out
Those works were mine

Because in their eyes and mind
My general unattractiveness
Converts those works’ sexiness
Into some perversion

Catcalls On Site

Do female construction workers
Catcall guys?

Do gay construction workers
Catcall guys?

Do lesbian construction workers
Catcall women?

Do you think these questions
Are good conversation starters

With construction workers?

What about

Do feline construction workers
Mancall pussies?

If things got tense

Fantasy Limitations

I don’t fantasize about women I know
To keep my fantasies pure
So my fantasies won’t potentially
End up turning into yearning
For someone in my reality
I likely won’t be dating

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