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Michelangelo in Heaven

Somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is body building
To see how many muscles
He could make visible
To correct his art style label
From Mannerism
To Realism

And somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is also drawing
And painting and sculpting
All his body building friends
Who look like men and women he drew
The likes of whom he never knew

Describe This Artist

How would you describe
A gay artist
Who found ways to put
Naked men everywhere in his art
And justified them if challenged?

How close is your list
To a list you would have
To describe Michelangelo
As he did just that?

Michelangelo’s Audacity

Is the audacity
Of Michelangelo
Matched by anybody
In history we know?

Repeatedly drawing
And also sculpting

A naked Christ
Determining size and shape
Of Jesus’ genitalia
For all to see
For eternity

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