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Life: Jan 15-21, 2023

There is a certain joy to working on things you love at 5 AM, and being able to sleep when others can’t

When it’s a labour of love, I will try forever to get it right… or at least 6 months

Earn your mistakes rather than pay for them

Spending money is a lot more enjoyable with No Spending Days in my life

I’m gonna need more than one lifetime to carry out all the art series ideas I have!

If God needed an assistant to organize the universe, I’m sure I could get an interview if I applied

The building of great things takes a lot of boring days

Michelangelo in Heaven

Somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is body building
To see how many muscles
He could make visible
To correct his art style label
From Mannerism
To Realism

And somewhere in Heaven
Michelangelo is also drawing
And painting and sculpting
All his body building friends
Who look like men and women he drew
The likes of whom he never knew

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