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Hug with Beethoven

When listening to
The Moonlight Sonata*
I never know
Whether to give Beethoven a hug
Or ask him for one

So I do both
As we listen together


First movement as most people would know of it, my favourite interpretation below

Judging the Unbelievable

When people can’t believe
What you did

Or why you did it

They will judge

By making up reasons
They can understand

So they can believe it

Since they can’t believe you
Because you’re not in their
Smaller realm of possibilities

Life: March 8-14

It’s been a personal best sort of week so far

My stars are aligned and my planets are flying through

Death is tragic enough without love having to be associated with it

Celebrating a year’s daily journaling with DayOne!

This body is far from old yet!

13 got me again!

Wind Tai Chi on Pi Day


They said I didn’t have this
They said I didn’t have that
They said I wasn’t this
They said I wasn’t that
So they said no

They said I didn’t have enough of this
They said I didn’t have enough of that
They said I wasn’t enough of this
They said I wasn’t enough of that
So they said no

They agreed I have an excess of this
They agreed I have an excess of that
They agreed I am excessively this
They agreed I am excessively that
But they still said no

Because of this
Because of that
Because this
And that
Were not just some list, ya know?

But did they have as much of this?
Did they have as much of that?
Were they as much of this?
Were they as much of that?
Were they anything
More than their list of things?
To have become what they did?
To have gotten what they did?
To judge me on it?
Or maybe even be capable
Of judging me on it?


But at least
Now they know

Life: Mar 1-7, 2023

Great fresh start effect #1 for March!

Stormy days are great for solo passion projects!

Finally making good use of my art studio

A warm up for harder goodbyes to come

The long run can be, both, metaphorical and literal, to a distance runner

My art days are a lot funner than my flag days

Even my bad days have good things about them

Reasons for Praying

Do you sometimes pray for others
To make yourself feel better?

To have done all you could do
For something you can’t really do
Anything that really matters?

Either not believing in prayers
Or that your prayer will matter?

Like I sometimes do?

Life: Feb 22-28, 2023

Will my behaviour change now that this journal is public?

Taking a decapitated body out to the dumpster at 2 AM is a nerve wracking experience!

Freak accidents are the kind freaks get into, right?

Can one be charged with perjury to purging too much?

It’s a good thing nobody sees me purging big bras!

The cup’s emptiness allows it to function*

Sometimes it’s great to be coerced into things you didn’t plan on doing


* from Daoism, not my quote, unfortunately

Life: Feb 15-21, 2023

Might I be depressed with money to spend but nothing to want to spend it on?

I don’t deny climate change, but that doesn’t mean I don’t support it, either!

Colds and data entry are both terrible, unless combined

Have you ever seen poetry visualized via data analytics?

Purging psychologically is far better than materially

Only passion will get you through some parts of passion projects

Can I count as poetry in motion if I only talked about poetry while running?

Life: Feb 8-14, 2023

Spending money almost feels weird after not spending any for a week

Plans get real when you get timelines and schedules set

Productivity can be salvaged from inefficiency if you worked hard enough

I love Eureka! moments, but wish some came sooner

I love Super Bowl Sunday, even if my favourite teams aren’t in it

The end of 3 eras, the start of 4, and hopefully more

Chasing young women up hills was the only way I got my heart rate up this Valentine’s Day

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