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Earned excess spoons
From Fate this week

But since no one I know
Needed or wanted them

I’ll just use them all
To pig out on desserts
Also earned from Fate this week


I keep fighting
Despite knowing
That ultimately
I will lose the war

But I keep fighting
For temporary thrills
And often relief
Of winning battles

Until driven back again
To find the time and place
And new energy
For the next battle

My Broken Language

My Broken Language

A memoir about others
In the words of its author
Quiara Alegría Hudes

A memoir about others

A memoir about others


Art Procreation

Art is a form of procreation
In that it can inspire new art
After it meets a new artist
Who is moved by it in some way 

Making & Earning Profit

I don’t oppose companies
That make lots of profit

I do oppose companies
That don’t earn their profit

Independence Happiness

My extreme independence
Is key to my happiness
With fewer people to disappoint me
And fewer people who depend on me
Who I might disappoint
Which would also disappoint me

Paper Anniversary

And kirigami
Are great skills to have
For the first anniversary

As well as the ability
To compose love poetry
Delivered on paper

Happiness Stress

Most of my stress
Comes from what I generate
To keep life challenging
And interesting


Is my happiness

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