On Loving

A part of loving
Is voluntarily doing
Things you don’t want to
Because you know
The ones you love
Enjoy it

Not a part of loving
Is having to do
Things you don’t want to
Because you know you have to
In order to get something
Or get something back

Elevation of Self

Elevation of oneself
At the expense of others
Is narcissism

Elevation of oneself
On its own

That is enlightenment

The Art of the Pause

In music
You listen for the notes
The chords
The words
The beats
The rhythm
All the sounds

In spoken poetry
You listen for the words
The rhymes
The cadence
The voice
The tone
All the sounds

In neither
Do you listen much
For the sounds of silence
The pauses between the sounds
That enrich the sounds
That give the sounds more meaning
That have their own meaning
If you only listened to it

You can listen to silence
Even if you can’t hear it
There’s a reason idioms exists
About silence speaking volumes
And being deafening

You can use silence
To do all that and more
If you learned to master
The art of the pause
In your music and poetry

Late Bloomer

I am not a late bloomer

At least not by nature

Though maybe by nurture

By the society around me
That closed many doors
And guarded many more
From people like me

From kinships to memberships
From friendships to relationships
Cost of entry
Was often a bit higher
Or the doors were opened later
Or inferior options were offered
To people like me

Some of these
I rejected

Opting not to settle

From my Parental nurture
And my determined nature

Paper Anniversary

And kirigami
Are great skills to have
For the first anniversary

As well as the ability
To compose love poetry
Delivered on paper

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