The Learning Awards

One of my many
Life philosophies
Is to learn something
From everyone I know
Or even know of

It’s something I never knew

Other times
It’s something I already knew

But could use a reiteration
Whether affirmation
Or confirmation
Of things I knew true
Or that I should do
Or perhaps should not do

What I learn
Is easy to Identify
And to articulate

Other times
I’d have to think hard
Recall and analyze
What I recall of them
To identify
What I can learn

But I do

(And after several years
Of working with all of you
Here are the top things
I have learned from you)*

* Added for intro to list of
what I learned from colleagues
I am leaving for a new job.
Those things are: Conan O’Brien
podcast, eating plain yogurt habit,
how to peel a banana properly,
and Wealthsimple + InstantPot

Life Strategy Flip

Every time I am in a place of worship
I pray
I won’t go crazy one day
And flip my life strategy goal
From “for good”
To “for evil”

That would be nasty
Given what I know
About human nature
And life in general

A-Type Procrastinator

I am an A-type personality
Which includes procrastination

Though I am
At least
A productive procrastinator

I get all kinds of stuff done
Just not the stuff I need to get done

Inadequate Criticisms

Some people don’t think
I take criticisms well
But the opposite is true
I take criticisms very well
I just critique them first for value
And most don’t do well
So why should I take them?
Please do tell!


Those criticism
That I judge well for value
I take them very well!

Moral Mirror

Most people have a mirror
Many have a few more
But most don’t have a mirror
To show us by our mores
So we can look in the mirror
And see what kind of person we are
A sort of moral mirror
Now needed ever more

Post-COVID Friendscaping Instructions

Revive these ailing friendships from the past

Feed these blooming friendships to make them last

Let these stagnant friendships be what they’ll be

Let these fading friendships die naturally

Weed out these so-called “friends” for your own good

Substitute these so-called “friends” if you could

Cultivate friends in these new areas

Stay far from those you deem nefarious

Work out how to do all this tactfully

Don’t take any failures personally

The Grand Master

The only times I ever play chess
I play against a grandmaster
Because I play chess
Just like a grandmaster
Did years or decades ago
Moving the pieces
As per recorded games
So my grandmaster friend
Can study each game
As if she were in the game

Renaissance Exclusion

A nerd among artists
An artist among writers
A writer among jocks
A jock among actors
An actor among musicians
A musician among nerds
A wannabe among all

When you are Renaissance

You are either out of place
Or a wannabe
In any group you find yourself
Where most self-identify
As but or dominantly one thing
Considering themselves the real thing

Even if you were better than they
At what they were and do best

For Which Reason to Move

Women in this province
Tend to find me unattractive
With the ones that don’t
Tending to be unattractive

So what’s am I to do
Except pack up and move
For love
As well as lack thereof

Erotic to Perverse

Many women love
My erotic art, garments, and verse
Until they find out
That those works were mine
Because in their eyes and mind
My general unattractiveness
Converts those works’ sexiness
Into some pervertedness

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